Obama Speed Transcript for kids September 8 2009

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The President Obama Speech to kids which is talked about by everyone can be read below :

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Binghamton firing by jiverly wong

Jiverly Wong , a Johnson City, N.Y. resident has suddenly started firing in Immigration centre when candidates were taking Citizenship Examination. After the firing the gunman killed himself. The motive of this was unclear. 

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nfl playoffs 2009

The NLF Playoff 2009 schedule is available in below given link :

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Mutual funds increase holdings in cash, trim equity exposure

Mutual funds (MFs) are trimming their exposure to equity and are increasingly holding on to cash looking for the best opportunity to invest. Cash holdings of diversified equity MFs have almost doubled to 21% of the total net asset value (NAV) of funds since April.

In all, funds have Rs 12,404.3 crore as cash holdings in November. Equity exposure peaked to 89.3% in April when the total NAV of funds hit a high of Rs 98,912 crore, data shows. Funds have increased their cash holdings by about 7% since August.

Escorts Tax Plan, Sundaram BNP Paribas Select Focus, Reliance diversified power fund and UTI long term infrastructure advantage fund are some of the funds sitting high on cash. They have more than 40% of their holdings in cash and cash equivalents.

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