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September 16th, 2009 · No Comments

Andhra Pradesh state council of higher education

LAST UPDATED ON – 25th September 2010

EAMCET 2010 Seat Allotment and Counselling

Options Entry is over

To view the list of New Colleges visit the below given website link.

 UPDATED ON Р25th August 2010

Counseling Notification
View the details of the Counseling Notification at the below given site link.

The qualified candidates of EAMCET-2010 are informed to attend for certificate verification in any one the Help Line Centers (HLCs) indicated below and as per the schedule given under.

 The details of the ranks distributed Help Line Centre wise for Certificate Verification and all other important information is placed on the Website: and candidates are informed to visit this website before they go for Certificate Verification.
Candidates are informed to collect the details of the Web Counseling Procedure and other relevant information from Help Line Centres on the day of Certificate Verification without fail and the same is also placed on website:
The details of the Final Phase Notification and List of New Colleges and Variation in Intakes can be seen at the below given link-

For EAMCET 2010 Seat Allotment visit below-

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