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J & K 10th and 12th Annual Reg/Pvt Exam Result

February 10th, 2010 · No Comments

Jammu & Kashmir State Board of School Education

Last updated – 20th May 2010

JKBose 12th class results (JK Board result) 2010 announced

The Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education was established in 1975 under The Jammu and Kashmir State Board OF School Education Act, 1975 to advise the Government on matters of policy relating to Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Higher Secondary Education and other matters pertaining to promotion of Education for All.

Kargil Class 12Th Annual Reg/Pvt New/Old Course Exam Result 2009

Kargil Class 10th Annual Reg/Pvt Exam Result 2009

To view the details of the above results visit the below given site-


Datesheet of class 12th 2009-2010(Annual)  Notification regarding Papers. List of Students admitted in the colleges for ETT course for the session 2008-10 Alphabetically College Wise Higher Secondary Part Two – Bi-Annual 2009 consequent to re-evaluation, Kashmir Province. ETT First Year Examination Nov – Dec. Session (2009) ETT :: Revised Date Sheet for remaining six paper of ETT-First Year Annual-2009,(Jammu Division) for Regular/Private Higher Secondary Part Two – Bi-Annual 2009 (Private), Kashmir Province. 10th class private result 2009. Higher Secondary Part II(Private) Re – evaluation Result 2009.        HSP – II Re – evaluation Result. ELEMENTRY TEACHER TRAINING COURSE(E.T.T.C) ADMISSION FORM-I (SESSION 2009-2011)

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